About Us

We know that running a business in the “new normal” era is quite difficult. Productivity, time management, and task management at work are the main problems of our business today. In order to increase productivity and provide a competitive advantage for your business. Garapan.id offer a lot of convenience for us, so we can easily manage and organize our business from anywhere and anytime.

Features that you get in Garapan

Task Monitoring

Easy to organize task or project with the staff and super team from anywhere.

Task Progress

We can get report based on task or project completion from staff and super team in real time.

Presence Member

Check the team appearence with Garapan Attendance System that is recorded automatically.


Task or Project timeline recorded automatically with reminder notification.

Key Performance Indicator

KPIs for each staff and super team are accumulated accurately and transparently.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-based task assignment system that give recommendation to superior, so they can find the right person at the right jobs.